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We’ve all heard about the negative impact of social media. However, I’m betting that few of us know the details of the lengths the social media giants, Google, Facebook, Instagram and others, go to in order to manipulate “users” into spending more and more time on social media, which the giants use to generate advertising which makes billions of dollars for them.

There’s a documentary now available on Netflix called “The Social Dilemma,” which must be watched by everyone in our country age 16 and over. The people interviewed in this documentary are or were very high up in the companies that control social media. The word most often used in the documentary is “manipulate.”

These companies manipulate users into doing and seeing the things that they are most drawn to, which extends the time that users spend on social media. The companies are experts at using psychology to entice users to become more active on their apps and sites, to the point that many become addicted. None of this is accidental. Even the news we get in social media is slanted to reinforce our interests and political views, which has contributed greatly to the divisiveness in American politics.

The experts portrayed in the documentary limit if not eliminate their own children’s access to social media. They are quite candid about the harm that social media is doing in our country, and they have some suggestions to remedy the problem.

Please watch this video and encourage others to do so. I’d love to get your comments after watching the documentary.


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