Since You Asked


On this page of the Family Life website, we welcome your questions on issues that concern you. We also welcome your own responses to questions and issues raised by others. This section is intended to generate open conversation that will benefit the people of the parish. If you wish to submit a question, feel free to state your name or be completely anonymous.

Question: We just moved and transferred our children into new schools. One of our middle school children is having a particularly difficult time adjusting to the new environment and making new friends. We’re open to advice from people who have been through this.

Answer: That’s a tough one. One of my children went through that when he entered the 7th grade at a new school. It took him two years to feel comfortable, and then he switched to a different school for high school. For him, playing basketball in a recreational league with some classmates helped a lot. I’d love to hear from some other parents who have been through this.