Funeral Mass Guide

Please click here for a copy of the following information to print off at home.


In preparation for the Funeral Mass of Christian Burial for your loved ones at St. Bernard’s, family members please gather the following information and send via email to or in person. Please be sure to include family member contact name, email, phone number and if you have any special requests or questions. A stipend payment will need to be made to the Funeral Coordinator.

  1. Full name of deceased
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Date of Death
  4. Date and Time of Funeral Mass. Who will be the main celebrant? Will there be any other Priests or Deacons present?
  5. Date, Time, and Location of Rosary. Who will lead the Rosary?
  6. Eulogy (Yes/No) If yes, at the end of Rosary or Mass?
  7. Funeral home (Yes/No). If no, do you need us to provide a guest sign-in sheet?
  8. Final resting place (cemetery/burial place or place of internment for cremains). If the final resting place is St. Bernard’s Columbarium, please meet with the Director of Business and Facility to finalize arrangements.
  9. Funeral Mass Readings must be picked out. The Parish Life office has a Funeral Mass Reading binder with readings for the family to choose from.
  10. Will you need an organist and cantor? The family will discuss hymn selections with the Music Director. A stipend payment will need to be made for musicians. If Psalm is not sung, a Psalm reading must be picked out.
  11. Would you like to display pictures at the commons or in the church? We can provide Easel.
  12. We will provide the stand for the urn.


If the Parish must create a Program for the Funeral Mass, please also provide the information below. Please suggest the anticipated amount of guests to be present at Funeral Mass.


  1. Picture of deceased
  2. Obituary
  3. Reader name for First Reading
  4. Reader name for Second Reading
  5. Presider or Deacon to read Gospel?
  6. Offertory procession, gift bearers name(s) (optional)
  7. If Eulogy is read at Mass, reader name (optional)
  8. Pallbearer names (usually 6 names) (Yes/No/NA)


Following Funeral Mass, would you like a Reception/Meal provided by St. Bernard’s Meals of Mercy Ministry? If yes, please provide the anticipated amount of guests for reception. Please choose from one of the following menu options or feel free to make your special request.

  • Afternoon reception: Dessert and fruit buffet
  • Lunch Option 1: sandwich, salads, fruit, veggie tray, chips and desserts
  • Hot meal: Italian menu or Fried Chicken & sides or Ham & sides
  • Special Requests:


Do you mind if our Prayer Shawl Ministry partner reaches out to you?

Are you in need of Respite care?

If you have any other questions, please contact our Parish Office at 918-299-9406 or via email to