Councils & Committees

Parish Leadership 2022/2023

Finance Council
Ken Smith, Chairman

Worship Committee
Monica Stephenson, Contact Person

Spirituality Committee
Fr. Jack Gleason, Contact Person

Religious Education Committee
Sharon Lechtenberg, Contact Person

Outreach Ministries Committee
Contact Person - TBD

Parish Council
Dave Jones, Chairman

Parish Council Approved Minutes

Parish Council Meeting - October 25, 2022


Meet your Parish Council!

Mrs. Chantal Pixley, Secretary

I have been married to Joe for 29 years and have three children: Lauren (26), Kaitlyn (23), and Jack (19). I have been a parishioner for 26 years. I am a Physical Therapist at St. Francis. I'm most looking forward to knowing about what’s going on. The Church family is my life… how can I make it the best it can be?

Mr. Matthew Williams, Youth

I am a Senior at Jenks High School and have 2 siblings: an older sister and a younger sister. I have been a parishioner for 17 years. I’m excited to be part of St. Bernard’s Youth and grow in the Catholic Faith.

Mr. Curt Andrews, Finance

I am married to Christy, and we have a son Scott (three kids, lives in Tulsa) and daughter Elizabeth (one child, lives in San Jose, Calif.) I have been at St. Bernard's for 36 years and am retired from pharmaceutical sales. I am looking forward to gaining insights into the many facets of the Church and the opportunity to represent parishioners.

Mr. Dave Jones, Chairman

I have been married to Annie Jones for 19 years. We have 3 adult children who are all married: Sully lives in the NYC area, Lorin lives in the Seattle area, and Reed lives in the San Francisco area. Our 5 grandchildren live on the west coast. I've been a parishioner for 7 years. I work in sales at SupplyOne. I'm looking forward to serving this year on the council. One of the key examples Christ gives us through His life is service. Wherever and whatever is needed, if I can help, I enjoy that. With a couple of key staff roles coming on board this year, there may be plenty of opportunity to be of service.

Ms. Elaine Olzawski, Religious Education

I am unmarried with no children and serve others as a single person. I have been a parishioner for 47 years, since 1975 when we were a mission to St. Clement's in Bixby. I'm retired after 39 years of nursing. I'm looking forward to learning more about the inner workings of our parish and discerning how I can help our parish grow and meet the needs of our parishioners.

Mrs. Diane Bechtel, Parish Life

I am married to David, and together we have 8 children and 11 grandchildren. I have been a parishioner for 10 years, and I am retired. With a new pastor I know there will be changes, and I am excited to work with him on them.  

Mr. Robert (Bob) Washatka, Adult Faith Formation, Marriage, and Family Life

I have been married to Maureen for 50 years. Togeter we have 4 married adult sons, 11 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson. I have been at St. Bernard's for 1 year. I am retired and most looking forward to continuing to learn about St. Bernard’s and use my past council experiences where appropriate. I'm also looking forward to helping maintain the spirituality of St. Bernard’s through the many formation programs that are available and helping with the transition to Father Gleason’s leadership.  

Mr. Mark Rapp, Vice Chairman

I am married to Linda. Our daughter Erin and her husband Andy live in Charleston, S.C. and are expecting their first baby in September. Our son Neil lives in Arizona with his wife Misato and their son. Our daughter Haley and her husband Hector live in Broken Arrow with their two sons. I have been a St. Bernard’s parishioner for 26 years. I am retired and am excited to help out the Church as needed and getting to know Father Jack.

Mrs. Lyra Fernandes Gaby, Evangelization

My husband, Mark Gaby, has been retired since November 2019. He is passionate about gardening. My daughter, Rhea Veigas, has completed her Bachelors in Psychology and lives in India. We have been parishioners for 6 years. I am a Yoga Teacher and Therapist. I am interested in conducting workshops and seminars on Health & Wellness and how to manage and cure various disease through nutrition, exercises, and the right attitude. I’m looking forward to being a Christ-like figure and reaching out to people. I will try to make them know how beautiful life is when Christ lives in you. I'm excited to help as a member of our Parish Council and will try my best to be of great help to the Church.

Mrs. Maureen Copp, Outreach Ministries

I am married to John. Our daughter Maria and her husband Scott live in Tulsa and are expecting their first child in October. Our son Johnny is engaged to Adee and lives in Hong Kong. Our son Joey is engaged to Katherine and lives in the Chicago area, and our daughter Emma lives in New York City. I have been at St. Bernard’s since 1992. I work as a volunteer in the Tulsa community. I am most looking forward to being involved in the parish in a new capacity and working with our new pastor, Father Jack.

Mrs. Kathy Sands, Spirituality

I have been married to Geoff for 32 years. Together we have 3 sons: Luke (29, in Chicago), Kent (27, in Tulsa) and Ben (23, in Tulsa). I have been a St. Bernard’s parishioner for 13 years. I was a teacher. Now, mostly a church lady. I’m looking forward to getting to know and working with Father Jack and all the Parish Council members. I’m also looking forward to furthering the mission of St. Bernard’s.  

Mrs. Yvonne Elias, Worship

My husband Chuck and I have just become grandparents for the first time! Our son Stephen lives in Tulsa, but our daughter Adrienne, her husband Rick, and new baby Charlotte are being transferred to Montana. We have lots of traveling in our future! We just passed the 26 year mark as parishioners. I am both an architect and registered interior designer, and I specialize in healthcare projects. I love to work on hands-on projects, so I am looking forward to being plugged in to Saint Bernard's parish needs. I'm excited about serving with the Parish Council as a team member and giving back to our church and community in any way I can.