Please contact Fr. Jack Gleason to schedule a funeral at St. Bernard's at (918) 299-9406.

The parish life staff assists you in planning this special event. Our staff meets with you and your family to discuss readings, music, and other needs for the Funeral Mass or Memorial. We provide a book with readings and also a list of recommended songs for the service. Music is coordinated with our music director. Additionally, we develop and print the program for your loved one and provide copies for the service. The Meals of Mercy Ministry is honored to provide a reception/meal for your family and friends. Menu selections are discussed. Donations are appreciated by not required. While Covid restrictions are in place, receptions-to-go are provided as requested.

Standard fees for funerals:

Organist - $175

Cantor -$125

Rehearsal with musicians outside of the parish - $50

Use of musicians outside of the parish of St. Bernard is not permitted without permission of the Music Director. When choosing music for the funeral liturgy, please remember the sacredness of the occasion. Non-sacred favorites can be used in the reception. Stipends are often given to the main celebrant.