Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of St. Bernard’s Preschool is to use our commitment to faith and pursuit of academic excellence to evangelize, educate, and form young students as disciples who enthusiastically bring Christ to their families, fellow parishioners, and the larger community while preparing them for success in their academic and future professional lives.

Our Philosophy Statement:

St. Bernard’s Preschool exists as a partnership between the parish and the community to educate the whole student through Catholic curriculum and to model a faith-based life through the values of respect, hospitality, faithfulness, and compassion.

About our School:

Our school provides a loving and exciting Christian environment in which children develop basic learning and social skills all the while expressing themselves creatively. Our staff, most of whom have education degrees as well as years of experience in early childcare development, are very dedicated to their students and their profession. Each teacher is extremely committed to building a successful foundation that students will acquire and retain for their future educational endeavors.

We offer classes for students ages 2-4 years old on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30am-2:30pm. We follow the Jenks Public School calendar for holidays and snow days. Each class has an age-appropriate daily schedule which fosters a sense of routine, responsibility, and accountability for students’ acquisition of independence.

Two-Year Olds

Two-year olds will engage in daily activities that include group time, art, and outdoor play. There is a strong focus on gross and fine motor activities. Children will learn colors, shapes, and begin counting from one to ten. Language development is achieved through finger play, songs, stories, and conversations related to their experiences. Bible stories and prayers are also introduced regularly as part of the curriculum. Children are not required to be potty-trained, and our staff is supportive of families who wish to begin this process at home by continuing consistency in training at school.

Three-Year Olds

Three-year old daily activities include group time, art, play/learning centers, and one-on-one instruction with the teacher. Language development is encouraged through songs, stories, rhymes, word games, and hands-on experiences. There is an introduction to letter/number recognition, as well as beginning to write letters/numbers. Bible stories and prayers are focused upon daily, as well as occasional “trips” to the church to learn about church etiquette and the significance of Mass. Children must be fully potty-trained and able to visit the bathroom with limited supervision.

Four-Year Olds

Four-year old activities include group time, hands-on learning activities, stories which supplement and complement what is being taught, art, math, science, and Bible stories, prayers, and songs. Upper and lower-case letter recognition is addressed daily, as well as an introduction to phonics and sight words. Handwriting is exercised daily to master this important skill in preparation for Kindergarten. Bible stories and prayers are focused upon daily, as well as occasional “trips” to the church to learn about the significance of Mass. Self-esteem and self-confidence are developed through the building of socialization skills and working independently, as well as part of a group. The four-year old class/classes will take the primary role in the Christmas Program in December. Children must be fully potty-trained and able to visit the bathroom with limited supervision.

Highlights throughout the year include:

*Our Halloween Parade! Students and teachers come dressed in kid-friends costumes and parade up to the business office to receive a small treat from our lovely business staff and clergy.

*Our Thanksgiving Feast! Students decorate placemats and create other forms of art to keep in the spirit of this special holiday. All classes participate in a feast together and give thanks to God for our blessings.

*Our Christmas Program! You will enjoy seeing the 4-year old class take lead in a small Christmas story production, in which the 2 and 3-year olds classes also participate.

*Our Donuts with Dads and Mother’s Day Tea Celebrations! We celebrate our moms and dads in separate receptions to show much they are loved and appreciated.

*Our Easter Egg Hunt! Always a favorite, students learn about this most special Holy Day in our faith and enjoy an egg hunt in celebrating Christ’s Resurrection.

*Summer Camp! We offer a four-week summer camp program in June. Themed lessons and activities are planned to keep your student engaged in school following the end of the school year. Total cost is $300 for four weeks.


Tuition is currently $300/month with a non-refundable $45 registration fee. Tuition is subject to change upon Pastor or Director discretion.

If you are interested in a fun, loving, and faith-based environment for your child’s early education, or to schedule a tour, please contact: Tara Sudler at 918-299-9432 or at [email protected]