Women's ACTS Retreat

Building Community at St. Bernard’s with God and One Another

An ACTS weekend is a three-day Catholic lay retreat, designed to help retreatants enter into a deeper relationship with our Lord. You will meet fellow parishioners who are also eager to further their faith journey. Talks will be shared throughout the weekend, drawing from personal experiences of team members, to focus on:
ADORATION: the need for prayer and response on the word of God.
COMMUNITY: the importance of community built on faith and love.
THEOLOGY: the study of God through scripture and the Catholic Faith.
SERVICE: the need to answer Christ’s call to servanthood
The retreat begins Thursday evening with check-in at St. Bernard's. You are welcome and encouraged to bring family members or friends to see you off. Transportation to and from the Retreat Center will be provided. The weekend concludes on Sunday at the 11:15am Mass at St. Bernard's. Immediately following the Mass, retreatants will share refreshments and fellowship in the parish with their families and other members of the parish community. All denominations are welcome.